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Purhase Orders (PO)

Purchase Orders
Vendor Costs

Returned Goods Purhase Orders (RGPO)

Returned Goods Purchase Order

Transfers (Xfer)

Transfer Types and Overview
Transfer Order:  Flow and ProcessCreating a Transfer Order
Quick Transfer:  Flow and ProcessCreating a Quick Transfer
Correcting Shipping and Receiving Errors:  Adjust Transfers Screen, Adjust Transfers Examples and Process

Auto Generated Purchasing Documents

Processes that create POs, RGPOs and Transfers
Manage Generated PO/XFers (original function)
Document Generation (new function)
How Weighted Usage is Calculated
Monitor Building of Documents via Task Manager

Receiving POs, RGPOs and Xfers

Receiving Documents
Receipt Worksheet      *WMS Mobile Inventory users should only use the receipt worksheet to finalize receipts.

Split Receipts and Payables

Purchase Order Receipt Split