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Vendor Costs

The Vendor Costs feature is used to record price(s) from a vendor for individual inventory items.

This price will override the Published Cost from the Local Inventory Item record when creating a new purchase order for that vendor (until it is deleted).

To access the Vendor Costs screen, select Vendor Costs under Inventory:


You must select a Vendor to activate the Vendor Costs screen.



  1. Select the Vendor and then select View.
  2. Use the -/+ icons to collapse and expand the Add Vendor Cost and Filter sections of the screen.

By default, the screen will filter pricing for the location you are logged in to.


Vendor Costs are entered by Item Code, by Unit of Measure, by Location.


Location 02 only receives special pricing on Item Codes 03423, 03425 and 08088.

Clicking on the Item Code link will open the Item Lookup screen.


Add a New Vendor Cost

Activate the Vendor Costs screen by selecting the Vendor and then View.

Expand the Filter section by using the -/+ icon.


  1. Select the Item Code and Unit of Measure.
  2. Enter the Cost from the vendor.
  3. Select the Location.
  4. Select Add.


Change a Vendor Cost


To change a vendor cost, enter the new price in the Cost box in the list. Select Save.


Delete a Vendor Cost


Check the Item Code(s) for the Location(s) and then select Delete.


Select OK to confirm you want to delete the Vendor Cost(s). 

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