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Task Manager

The Task Manager allows the user to see the progress of any process that runs in the task service.

Navigation to the screen

Task Manager can only be accessed from CDN .Net Thin Client (Utopia)


View a Task

The default view of the Task Manager screen is to display all unfinished tasks for today. The user can select the task name to view the progress or error for the task.

The user can view other tasks by using the search criteria.

1. Select the desired date range.

2. OPTIONAL: Type an employee number into the Employee field.

3. OPTIONAL: Select the Show only tasks with work remaing checkbox. If the checkbox is checked, only tasks that are in progress or failed will be displayed.

4. Select the Search button.

Restarting a Task

Sometimes a task fails. All failed tasks will have restart next to it in the tasks grid.

Select the Restart link next to the task inorder to try to process it again.
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