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Work Orders

The Work Orders task is a multiple step process that allows the creation of multiple shipments and invoices from the same work order. The steps are:

  • Create the Work Order.

  • Print the Work Order (optional).

  • Print the Picking List (optional).

  • Create the Shipment from the Work Order.

  • Print the Picking List (optional).

  • Print the Packing List (optional).

  • Create the Invoice from the Shipment.


Select Work Orders from the Navigation Bar or from the Drop Down Menu Order Entry – Billing

Work Orders Screen


This is the Work Order screen.

It is important the User and the Location are correct because multiple users and locations can be accessed from the same computer. These are located in the top right area of the screen.

The Work Order screen is similar to the Invoices screen except for the following two check boxes in the heading:

Standing PO: Select this box if the Work Order is for a standing PO.

Salesman Call In: Select this box if the order was called in by a salesperson. 


Selecting Actions Create Shipment, Save, or Print displays the Please enter an Employee Number window. Enter your employee number and select OK to continue. 

The Create Shipment button saves the Work Order and displays the Shipping screen.

The Save button saves the Work Order. The message This item has been successfully saved is displayed.

The Print button prints and saves the Work Order. The message This item has been successfully saved is displayed.

After selecting the Print option, the windows printer window is displayed so that the desired printer can be selected.

The work order is then printed with the words “WORK ORDER” in the upper right corner. 

Work Orders Screen Actions

The following actions are available from the Actions drop down menu while in the Work Orders task. 


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