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Many distributors choose to re-use an open Work Order for weekly or daily orders. The shipments are later combined onto one invoice. This enables the distributor to record and ship items over time, while submitting a single invoice to the customer at the end of the billing cycle. The purpose of the Find Open Work Orders feature is to assist distributors in finding the most appropriate order on which to enter new items. Requirements

The Work Order screen in ComCept .Net will show the user a list of “open” orders after the Bill-To and Ship-To customer is selected. The orders will be specific to the selected ship-to customer. The open orders will appear in a list at the bottom of the screen, in reverse chronological order. Each line in the list will provide a link which opens the order, unless that order is in a different location than that to which the user is already logged in.

Because distributors may re-use orders in different ways, new preferences will allow users to specify what constitutes an open order.


Defining "Open"

Users can filter the Open Orders list by supplying filter criteria in ComCept .Net Preferences. The Find Open Orders section is located in the Documents page of the Preferences screen. New criteria are as follows:


Status must be Open

This option will limit the open orders to those with an order status of “Open”. If this option is not set, closed order may appear in the list.

Closed Line Items

  • No Preference – Orders will appear whether or not there are closed line items.
  • Cannot contain closed items – Orders will appear only if there are NO closed line items.
  • Must contain closed items – Orders will appear only if they already contain closed line items.

Order can be no older than X days

This option will limit the open orders to those newer than the specified number of days. This allows the user to specify how recent the open orders must be in order to appear. The value is expressed in calendar days, not weekdays.


Users will only see Open Work Orders if they have the WorkOrder_FindOpenOrders permission.
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