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ComCept .Net Mobile Shop Training Documentation


ComCept .NET’s Mobile Shop Replenishment application is designed to assist shops in tracking inventory quantities.


Minimum Operating System

  • Windows Mobile 6.0

Memory Requirements

  • Program              17 MB
  • Storage                2  MB per company

Minimum Screen Size

  • 240 X 320


  • Compact Framwork v2.0+
  • SQL Server Compact v3.5


This document is for reference purposes only. All images used in this Training Document were created using an emulated virtual device and may not resemble your mobile device of choice in part or in whole. Please contact ComCept Support if you have concerns or questions about which Mobile Device to use for Mobile Shop.

Mobile Shop - Application Launch

  To launch the ComCept Mobile Shop application simply tap the applications icon from the program window of your mobile device.



Mobile Shop - Account Creation

Once the Mobile Shop application is launched a login screen will be displayed. 

Mobile Shop will require you to Add your account the first time you launch the application. 

You will need to enter the code your Vendor has provided for you to use in the Vendor field.  You will also need to enter the Login and Password that your vendor has issued to you. 

Once you have entered your information simply tap the Add Item.

Note:  If you do not have a keyboard to enter information use the Soft Input Panel.


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