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Advanced Reports


This document is designed to show the features of the CDN .Net Advanced Reports. If you are interested in knowing more about an individual report, please contact support.

Navigation to the screen

Advance reports can be accessed from either one of ComCept .Net Company menus.


Select the Advanced reports link from the Reports page.



Select Reports from the left menu.


My Favorites Tab

The My Favorites tab is designed to allow the user to add any report to it so they can easy locate it in the future.

Add Reports


1. Find the desired report in the regular tabs.

2. Select the Star icon next to the report name.


Remove Reports

Reports can be removed from the favorites tab by selecting the star icon new to the report names on the My Favorites tab.  


Red Labels Next to Report Names


the Red labels next to the report names are designed to tell the user that either an enhancement has been made to a report or the report is new. The labels last two months after the release.  

Saved Parameters


Every report has a set of parameters. These parameters are used to tell the report exactly what information it should display. The reports save the parameters from the last time they were run for each user. This feature was designed to allow for faster report generation for regularly run reports.
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