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ComCept.NET Time Clock functionality has been changed to include many new features.  The first release of time clock allowed for basic clock-in/clock-out along with a simple admin section to adjust times as needed.

The Admin section of time clock now includes alternate pay codes to add entries for Vacations, Holidays, Sick Pay, etc.  There is also a Company Settings area to set up other features such as Pay Periods, Overtime Calculation settings, Auto-Lunch deductions, and Auto-Rounding of clock-in/clock-out entries.  The new Time Entry edit screens now require explanations of time clock entry changes, a link to the summary report, and a calculate overtime function.

The third release has broken out the Admin section into individual links on the left Navigation bar.  New batching and exporting screens have been added.  Pay codes have become more robust.  A company can now allow pay codes to apply to overtime based on each employee type and can now select which pay code will count as the regular or overtime pay.  Overtime is no longer a task manager function and can be reversed at anytime.  It essentially is a view of the data and does no alterations to the time clock entries.  There are now settings to view the time clock entries by decimal or by the actual time.  Time clock edits are now easier to modify.  Clock in date/time, clock out date/time and paycode can now be altered at one time.  

This document will take you through each area of the setup and use of these features.     


Setting up Security Permissions

Time Clock functionality relies solely on Thin Client Security tags and groups for access.  Add the appropriate permissions to your existing groups to activate all the functions for the designated users of those groups.


Permissions for Clock-in/Clock-out functions:

  • TimeClock_View: This permission is required for all logins to the application to allow the access to punch in and out.
  • TimeClock_LocationChange: Use this permission if your employees need to be able to clock-in and out from different locations.

Permissions for Time Clock Admin functions:

  • TimeClockAdmin_View: Grants access to the initial Time Clock Administration screen.
  • TimeClock_LocationChange: Used same as above, also has use in admin section to locate employees in other locations.
  • TimeClock_Add: Allows user to add additional time card entries.
  • TimeClock_Edit: Allows user to change an existing time clock entry.
  • TimeClock_Delete: This permission is no longer used by the time card program in any way.
  • TimeClockSettings_View: Allows access to the “Define Company-wide Settings” section of Time Clock Admin.
  • TimeClockPayCode_View: Allows access to the “Define Pay Codes” section of Time Clock Admin.
  • TimeClockPayCode_Edit: Allows user to change settings of existing pay codes.
  • TimeClockPayCode_Add: Allows user to add additional pay codes.
  • TimeClockBatch_Approve: Allows users to batch their store hours to prepare them for exporting.
  • TimeClockBatch_Approve_OtherLocations: Allow users to batch other store hours to prepare them for exporting.
  • TimeClockBatch_Delete: Allow users to un-batch a store’s hours.
  • TimeClockBatch_Export: Allows users access to the Export screen.
  • TimeClockBatch_OverrideDateChange: Allows users to scroll through the payment batch dates. 


Access to Time Clock Functions

  Time Clock and Time Clock Admin are both initially accessed from the Opening Home Page of your CDN Application under the actions menu.

  • Select Time Clock to utilize employee actual clock-in/clock-out.
  • Select Time Clock Admin to access the administration section of the Time Clock functionality.
  • Pay codes, settings, export and batching can be accessed via the Thin Client.
  • Each of these 4 options is described in detail below.


Accessing Time Clock functions via the Thin Client

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