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Define Pay Codes

All clock-in/out punches made by employees are booked as the pay code designated as Regular time.  Each payroll type can have a different pay code designated.  All other pay codes are used in the “Review Current Time Entries” when editing and adding new entries for days taken as Sick, Vacation, Holiday, etc.

There are 5 “System-Level Pay Codes” currently created. 

  • These include: Regular, Holiday, Vacation, Sick, and Overtime.
  • Each of these pay codes (Except Overtime) can be included in overtime calculations by adding the check mark to “Include in Overtime Calculations”.
  • Select the pay code you wish to view to see its current settings.
  • If any changes are done click on the Save button before selecting another pay code. 

Adding a new Pay Code

  • In the Pay code – Add section, type the name of your new pay code.
  • Click the Add button to create the new pay code or Cancel button to dismiss the new code.
  • In order the change the new pay codes setting select the payroll type and new pay code in the Pay Code Mapping section of the screen. Modify the appropriate setting and select the Save button.

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