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Time Clock Export:

This screen is used to create export files to Ceridian and Paycor payroll providers. If all locations have properly approved there time clock batches the locations with un‐batched time clock entries area will be empty. If not they will be displayed in a list for visibility of store locations that have yet to approve their time clock batches.


Time Clock Pay Codes:

This is used for selecting which pay codes other than Regular should be included in overtime totals. The Pay Code Mapping section at bottom of page is which prevents users from selecting invalid pay codes for time clock edits and adds. (removing the ability to add manual entries or adjust existing entries with an Overtime pay code.)


Time Clock Settings:

These are companywide settings as to how the time clock system is setup. Set pay period to your actual pay schedule. Set Inception date field to any beginning day of a previous pay period. Set First day of pay period to the day of the week pay periods start. Regular hours (before Overtime) in pay periods of weekly and bi‐weekly should be set to 40. If pay period is set to daily this entry would be 8. Round Clock In/Out setting if left unchecked will use actual times and no rounding will take place. Automatically adjust for lunch if unchecked will require employees to clock out and back in for lunch breaks. Export format is for those customers exporting to Ceridian or ADP.


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