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Time Clock Export screen


The export screen is designed to view all of the batched store hours.  The top grid shows all of the stores that have not batched their hours yet and has their contact information.  The next section is an overview of all the batches.  This section combines all of the data in each batch for easy viewing.  The third section is where the exporting occurs.  Here a user can select which payroll codes to export.


How to Export


  • Select the correct date range.
  • Select the Search button.
  • If locations appear in the unbatched grid, this date range cannot be exported yet.
  • Once all of the locations have been batched, select which pay codes should be exported.
  • Select the Export button.  Note:  this will follow the format selected in the settings and pay codes options.
  • A text document prompt will be displayed.  Save or open the document.
  • Transfer the document to the appropriate payroll company.


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