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A new CollisionLinx Orders, (formerly “Online Orders” page will be released Monday Evening 4-26-2010 and be in effect Tuesday Morning 4-27-2010.

Below is a screenshot of the new page. Functionality tips are located below the image.


Notes on changes:

The link for accessing the order accepting page has been renamed from “ Online Orders” to “CollisionLinx Orders”.

The default opening page for this page has settings to only show Released Orders submitted by your customers.  This makes it easier to utilize the new select all feature for processing the CollisionLinx orders as either invoices or work orders.

You now utilize the check boxes next to the released orders and then choose a task from the buttons below:  Create Work Orders, Create Invoices, Reject or Cancel. There is also a select all feature based on the filters you the user had put in place. To process orders:  Enter your employee number at top of page.  Select the orders to process with the check boxes.  Choose the task to perform from the buttons at bottom of page.


Once you have Clicked on the task option the screen will grey out and the task will appear as shown below.  Once the task has completed the actual pick slips will be displayed to send to a printer for picking the orders (also seen below.)



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