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You can handle closing open work orders a couple different ways.  

  1. Call the WO up on your work screen: This a one at a time deal.
    1. Click on actions menu. 
    2. Select Close Order. 
    3. Follow the prompts. 
    4. Order will become a closed status and all items that remain open on that order are also closed. Committed qtys are also adjusted. 
  2. Utilize the Work order Processing Screen 
    1. Under Order Entry select Process WO. 
    2. Make sure you filtering the screen for just your location. 
    3. Filter the screen to look for order types of “Point of Sale” (these are manually keyed work orders) and “OEM/3rd PartyOrders” (these are orders sent via the ePO functions that create the work order for you). 
    4. When you refresh the screen you will see all open orders of those two types. 
    5. Place a che
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