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Here are the instructions for changing an item type via a Data Maintenance Direct Update to Master Inventory.


Data maintenance: 


  1. Select Direct Update to Master inventory.
  2. Click Next
  3. Field selection: select Item Type and add field. Then set it to the item type you want to change the item to.
  4. Click Next
  5. Parameter screen enter the exact item code in both item code fields. Or parameters needed to cover multiple items at once.
  6. Click “test” to verify only 1 result returned. Or results to match the number of items to change in this update.
  7.  Click Next.
  8. Verify the finishing page it is exactly what you want to do. If not correct, use back button and adjust parameters or field selection accordingly until correct.
  9. Once the Finishing page is completely accurate click Finish button if correct.


    Local updater will pick up the changes to the item type automatically on each PC within 10 minutes.  If needed immediately you can navigate to the home screen of ComCept.NET and select Refresh Data under the actions menu.

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