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Security Levels have been retired.

ComCept .Net has moved to total role-based security system where you have more granular control over user access.

Please read through the full overview:

Phasing Out of Security Levels

In 2018, ComCept .Net began phasing out security levels. Levels 1-3 were phased out in June 2018. Levels 4-6 were phased out in September 2018.

See cross reference of Security Levels 1-3 and the individual security permissions that support them here.

Security Levels

There are two ways to grant users access to functions in ComCept. You can either set the user's Security Level or you can grant them a Permission through one of your many Security Groups. Security levels are explained here.

When ComCept .Net was first built, users were assigned a Security Level. Simply put, higher Security Levels allowed access to more functions. For example, anyone at Security Level 1 could view and create invoices, where Security Level 3 users could create Purchase Orders, in addition to all the invoice-related access. This is because every Security Level automatically has access to the functions in a lower Security Level. For example, Security Level 2 gave users all the access that was granted at Security Level 1. Security Level 3 granted access to all functions granted at levels 1 and 2, and so on.


Security Level - 1

  • Can invoice, change the item description, change shipping details (can't change "Net" price or view the "Details").
  • Search Menu: can perform all searches.
  • Actions Menu: Can "Make a Payment", "Save Invoice", "Print Invoice", "Print and Create New", "Search Location Inventory".

Security Level - 2

  • Includes Security Level 1.
  • Additional Actions Menu Options: Can "Create Credit Memo".

Security Level - 3

  • Includes Security Level 2.
  • Can modify the Net Price.
  • Can pull up the "Details" Window. Invoice Screen: Additional Actions Menu Options: Can "Go to Order", "Create PO", "Void Invoice", "List Shipments", "Break Case"
  • Invoice Shipments Screen
  • Quotes Screen
  • Work Orders Screen
  • Credits and Refunds
  • Statements Screen
  • Create PO/Xfer Screen
  • Receive PO/Xfer Screen

Security Level - 4

  • Includes Security Level 3
  • Can change Locations
  • Master Inventory Screen
  • Local Inventory Screen
  • Bins Screen
  • Categories Screen
  • Pricing Profiles Screen
  • Reports Screen
  • Adjust Transfers Screen
  • Vendors Screen
  • Manufacturers Screen

Security Level - 5

  • Includes Security Level 4
  • Invoice Screen: Additional Actions Menu Options: Can "Recurring Billing", "Write Off Invoice"
  • Taxes
  • Terms Codes
  • Receive Payments
  • Recurring Billing
  • Customers

Security Level - 6

  • Includes Security Level 5
  • Store Locations
  • Employees
  • Data Maintenance
  • G/L Accounts
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