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ComCept is slowly introducing a new report technology that has many benefits, including:

  • Reports can be scheduled to run automatically

  • Reports can be delivered by email

  • Users can save a template of parameters with a name, and recall this template at any time

Every report in this new technology will have a Run option at the bottom (shown in the image).  If you choose to run report to the screen, the interactive report will be displayed in exactly the same way as our existing Crystal reports. 


The interactive mode allows you to view the report, save, and has print options. Select the Print icon to print the report.



The first time a user selects this print option they will have to install a small application.  This is the message they will receive:


Dismiss this message with the OK button on the message, then select the Install button on the popup at the bottom of the report.

Next the user will be asked to allow the report printing component to install.  Select the Yes button.


If for some reason the printing component fails to install (as in the case of a user that does not have administrative privileges), you can select the Save icon and select PDF as the format.  This will download the report as a PDF without using a printer from the report display window.  Also you can avoid interactive mode entirely and run report to PDF.



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