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The Regions edit screen is designed to allow the user to build the regions tree and see the current mapping of the locations, customers, managers and employees. The regions tree is a graphical representation of the regions structure in order to show the children and parents and how they relate to eachother.

Navigation to the Screen

The Regions screen can only be accessed in CDN .Net Thin Client (Utopia)


Add a new region

1. Select the appropriate parent that the new region will belong to.

2. Select the Add New button.

3. Type a name into the Name field.

4. OPTIONAL - Type a description into the Description field.

5. OPTIONAL - Select a state from the State dropdown.

6. OPTIONAL - Select a country from the Country dropdown.

7. Select the Add button.


The Cancel button will stop the new region from being added to the region tree.

Edit a region

1. Select the desired region from the region tree.

2. Apply the desired edits to the correct fields in the Edit region of the screen.

3. Select the Save button.

The Cancel button will unapply un changes made.

Delete a region

Regions can be deleted if they are currently not assigned to a user or location and if they are not a parent to another region.

1. Select the desired region from the region tree.

2. Select the Delete button.

3. Select the OK button on the message.

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