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Recurring Billing

The Recurring Billing task allows the creation of invoices from work orders created using the Recurring Billing action found in the Invoices screen. The desired Recurring Billing Work Orders are selected and invoiced from a displayed list of open Recurring Bill work orders.


Select Recurring Billing from the Navigation Bar or from the Drop Down Menu Accounts Receivable

Create Recurring Billing Batches

This is the Create Recurring Billing window.


Current Batch: This is the number of the current batch. If there isnt a current batch, this field will say "No Current Batch"

Run Date: This is the date the current batch was run.

Number of Bills: Number of documents the Recurring Billing batch will create.

Batch Subtotal: The dollar amount of the batch.

The grid is a list of all the previous batches

Select the New Batch button to generate a new batch. Once the batch is created all of the fields above will be populated and the Current Batch and Clear Batch buttones will be activated.

Editing a Recurring Billing Batch

Select the Current Batch button.


Select the Detail link inorder to change the price or quantity of the recurring bill.


The Reset button removes any changes that were not saved.

The Save button saves the changes made to the Recurring Bill.

The Cancel button closes the edit window and cancels all of the unsaved edits.

Deleting a Recurring Bill

From the current batch screen, select the checkbox next to the recurring bill that needs to be deleted. Next select the Delete Selected button.


Completing the Recurring Billing Batch

Once all of the edits have been completed, select the Run button to create Invoices for all of the recurring bills.



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