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This task is used to create quotes for customers. These quotes can then be converted to work orders and eventually to invoices.


Select Quotes from the Navigation Bar or from the Drop Down Menu Order Entry – Billing

Quotes Screen


This is the Quotes screen.

It is important the User and the Location are correct because multiple uses and locations can be accessed from the same computer. These are located in the top right area of the screen.

The Quotes screen is similar to the Invoices screen. 


The Create Work Order button saves the Quote and displays the Create Work Order screen with the quote information pre-loaded.

The Save button saves the Quote.

The Print button rrints the Quote (the Quote is NOT saved). The current Quote remains on the screen. The quote is printed with the word “QUOTE” in the upper right corner. 


The Confirm Save window is displayed if you have made changes to the current screen and attempt to start a new Quote or to change to another action.

Note: This window is not displayed and any changes made are lost if the Home option on the Quick Link Bar is selected. 

Quotes Actions Menu

The following actions are available from the Actions drop down menu while in the Quotes task. 

  Name Size
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- confirm save.JPG 9.05 KB
- Home page.JPG 118.14 KB
- quote screen with data.JPG 101.69 KB
- quotes screen.JPG 98.07 KB
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