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Purchase Profiles

Purchase Profiles are used to restrict the items a body shop can order through CollisionLinx. Each detail line adds items the shop is allowed to order. Only items in the selected customer's Purchase Profile, or Customer Inventory, can be ordered in CollisionLinx.  

Navigation to the Screen

Select Purchase Profiles from the Company menu.


Add a New Purchase Profile

1. Select the Add New button.  

2. Type a name into the Profile Name field.

3. Select the Save button.


Add a Detail Line

The detail lines are what adds items to a purchase profile. The detail lines can be product groups, manufacturers, product lines or individual items.

1. Select the Add New button one the Purchase Profile edit screen.

2. Select the desired detail type form the Detail Type dropdown.

3. Type the beginning character of the desired product group, manufacturer, product line or item and select it from the dropdown.

4. Select the OK button. 


The Cancel button will stop the add detail process.

Edit a Detail Line

All of the detail lines can be edited to change what they allow the user to purchase.

1. Select the Edit link next to the desired detail line.

2. Apply the desired edits.

3. Select the OK button.

Delete a Detail Line

1. Select the desired detail line that needs to be removed. Multiple detail lines can be selected if the suer holds the shift key while selecting the first record in the range and then selects the last record in the range.

2. Select the Delete button.

3. Select the OK button on the message that appears.


The Cancel button on the message will cancel the deletion.

Edit a Purchase Profile

Editing an exiting purchase profile is exactly like adding and deleting the detail lines. The only difference is the user will have to open the purchase profile.

1. On the Purchase Profile search screen, type the name of the purchase profile into the Profile Name field.

2. Select the Search button. The desired profile will appear in the search results grid.

3. Select the Edit link next to the desired purchase profile.

Please follow the steps in the above sections to preform the desired action.

Test Button

The test button is designed to tell the user how many items the purchase profile will allow the customer to purchase. It will only give an overall quantity, not the specific items.

Once the purchase profile is complete, select the Test button to see how many items the profile will include.


Applying a Purchase Profile to a customer

1. Open the customer screen in CDN .Net

2. Search for the desired customer.

3. Select the Purchase Profile link.


4. Select the desired purchase profile from the dropdown.

5. Select the Save button.


6. Select the Cancel button or the X to close the window.

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