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Attn CDN Subscriber: PricePro and Data Maintenance join forces.

PricePro updates available from ComCept Solutions are now handled through the CDN Data Maintenance Application. This guide steps the user through the process of setting up and running a PricePro update. This functionality provides the user total control of what and when to have an update take place. It can be run as many times as needed between the dates prior to the next available update for that manufacturer. This also makes available the ability to add the new part numbers made available by the manufacturer between the previous and current update.

What does PricePro NOT update?

  • Any item where the Vendor Part Number is not populated in your database.
  • If you have an item with Multiple UOM's assigned, only the one UOM that matches the Published Pricing per the Manufacturer should have the Vendor Part Number populated. The other UOMs should not have a Vendor Part Number supplied and will not be updated.
  • Any other item numbers that are included within the manufacturer but were not made available to ComCept for an update: (Discontinued items, Specialty items not part of the standard price sheet... etc.)

What Does PricePro update?

  • Manufacturer product lines list: Supported Product Lines
  • Only items supplied to us by the manufacturer are updated. Your item file must have the exact same Vendor Part Number as ours in order for it to be available for an update.

What if I do not have Vendor Part Number populated but had received PricePro updates from your previous format?

  • ComCept will provide a one time item map based on the map used from the prior update across your data for no additional charge. At that time it is up to the client to maintain that map on any item they add or modify to the database.
  • A mapping charge for time spent will be accessed for adding Vendor Part Numbers to your data for manufacturers you have not purchased a PricePro update from in the past year.

ComCept Solutions accepts no liability as to the integrity of the prices supplied to us by the manufacturer.

The fees associated with a PricePro update are 100% non-refundable. The fee for a PricePro update is for the download of that update. If the update is downloaded but never uploaded the fee still stands.

!!! WARNING - DO NOT SHARE a PricePro update! - WARNING !!!

The PricePro spreadsheet you download is unique to your database. If you "borrow" a spreadsheet from another PricePro subscriber in hopes of avoiding the subscription fee, the upload of that sheet will most likely destroy your pricing structures and actually update completely different items. In other words, a gallon of Clear in one database may have the same Internal ID in another database for a 4" Bondo Spreader. PricePro updates look at the internal ID and adds the prices to that internal ID.

SETUP: Two key factors come into play when setting up your data so it may be updated via ComCepts' PricePro service.

"Vendor Part" number: This is the key to having an item in your database receive an update from a PricePro update.

The image below is a typical setup of an item in "Master Inventory".

  • The "Vendor Part" number for this item is accessed by "Edit" of the Unit of Measures for that item.
  • Only the UOM that matches the published UOM for that item from a manufacturer should be populated with the Vendor Part number. Be Advised: If the same Vendor Part is associated to other UOM's for that item they will all be updated with the same pricing even though one may be a "Case" while another is the actual "Gallon" within that case of 4.



Assigning the PricePro Manufacturer:

The field is located within your database under the Manufacturers listing. Then editing of a Manufacturer.

The drop down supplies a list of all available manufacturers we offer a PricePro service for.

  • You can assign as many of your manufacturers to a single PricePro Manufacturer as you need.
  • Only one PricePro Manufacturer can be associated to manufacturer within your data.
  • If you have a manufacturer that contains items from more then one PricePro Manufacturer you will need to assign one, then handle that update.  Change the association to handle the next update.


Setting up Additional Security Tags for access of new Data Maintenance features:

The following tags will need to be added to the Users of Data Maintenance’s security groups:

  • DataMaintenance_DownloadInventoryAddSheet: This allows user to download an EMPTY add item spreadsheet.
  • DataMaintenance_DownloadInventoryAddSheetPricePro: This allows the download of an Add Item Sheet for suggested new items from a Manufacturer handled by our PricePro service.
  • DataMaintenance_DownloadPriceProSheet: This allows the download of an available PricePro Update you have subscribed to.
  • DataMaintenance_UploadInventoryAddSheet: This allows upload of an Inventory Add Spreadsheet. (Works for both download versions of Inventory Add Sheets)
  • DataMaintenance_UploadPriceProSheet: This allows an upload of a PricePro Update Sheet.


Step 1: Once logged into Data Maintenance select "Download Spreadsheet" then click "Next".   Image

Step 2: Select Spreadsheet Type of: PricePro Update, then click on the "Browse" button to select a location to save the spreadsheet to.


Step 3: Choose a "Save in" location then "File Name" for the spreadsheet. Also choose "Save as type" of Excel files (*.xls). Then click "Save".


Step 4: Once you have saved the location and file name for the spreadsheet select the "Next" button.


Step 5: The "PricePro Update" drop-down will be populated with any available PricePro updates you have subscribed to:

Note: The update will continue to be available up until the time the Manufacturer announces a new price update is scheduled. The update can be downloaded as many times during that time as needed.

  • Select the PricePro Update you wish to download.
  • Then select the Manufacturer and/or Product Lines in your data that match the PricePro Update you are downloading.
  • Clicking on "Test" will display how many items your filters will find.
  • Once satisfied with your filtering select "Next".


Step 6: Once "Next" is selected the screen below shows the progress of your download.


Step 7: Once the download is complete the spreadsheet will automatically be opened.

Spreadsheet layout:

  • Columns A-G = information from the PricePro database. These columns are Informational only.
  • Columns H-P = the proposed prices to be put in place. These are the only columns that update to your database.
  • Columns Q-AI = the information from your actual data. These columns are Informational only.

Note: If you are accustom to applying the update with prices exactly as we furnish through the update, no work is needed on the spreadsheet at all. The sheet can be closed and then uploaded "As Is" at the desired time you wish the update to take place.

Additional Note: Only items where the Vendor Part Numbers are an exact match in your data and the PricePro data will be updated.

If you notice the top of the spreadsheet has blank data in the PricePro section (Columns A-G) that means those items in your database did not get a direct hit to an item within PricePro. No update will take place on these items. This could be because of the items being discontinued and no longer published by the Manufacturer, The item is not part of the PricePro update, or your Vendor Part Number does not match the PricePro Vendor Item Number.

Images below show a sample spreadsheet.

Columns (H-P) can be modified to your liking before uploading. Formulas can used on the actual cells to calculate prices if desired. Do not remove any columns from the spreadsheet (must be left intact) or the spreadsheet will not upload.  Formulas, if used, must result in a numeric value or the upload will not take place properly.




Step 8: Once satisfied with the spreadsheet, save it (if changes were made) and then close the sheet. Upload will not function properly if the sheet to be uploaded is still open.

If the Data Maintenance application was still open click on "Next" to get to the upload page.

  • If the original downloaded sheet name is the same name as the upload sheet desired simply clicking "Next" will begin the upload of your new prices.
  • If the sheet name is different then click on "Browse" and locate the sheet to be uploaded, followed by "Next" to begin the upload.

If Data Maintenance was closed then select Upload Spreadsheet from the opening page followed by "Next".

  • Select the Spreadsheet Type of "PricePro Update".
  • Click "Browse" and locate the sheet to be uploaded.
  • Click "Next" to begin the upload process.


Step 9: The image below shows the status of the upload. If any errors occur they will be displayed in the lower portion of the screen.

If errors occur they must be corrected on the spreadsheet, re-saved and attempt the upload again.

  • The spreadsheet upload will make no changes to data unless the entire sheet is error free.

If the spreadsheet has no errors the message below will be displayed and your update was uploaded successfully. All Workstations need to perform either a "Refresh Local Data" or "Get All New Data" (in case the number of changes are high in volume) to utilize the new pricing.



Setting Average Cost equal to Published Cost on ALL Non-Inventory Items. (Example: Mixed Paint Item Codes)

Since non-inventory are rarely purchased or transferred the average cost does not change. Running the following utility adjusts the Average cost to be equal to the Published Cost. This should take place following any upload of a PricePro update that included Non-Inventory Items. (IE: Mixed Paint)

  • Within your ComCept.NET Application go to Master Inventory.
  • From the Search Master Inventory Screen click the Actions tab and select “Update Non-Inventory Average Costs”.
  • Follow the prompts until the message is returned that the operation was completed successfully.

Note: This applies to ALL Non-inventory items across ALL locations each time it is ran. It is not limited to only those items that were uploaded from the last spreadsheet.


New items made available from a manufacturer between the prior price update and current update are also available to add to you database via CDN Data Maintenance. Your PricePro subscription includes these new items to add if you wish to do so.

Note: This function can also be used to add any new items via an empty template spreadsheet that you populated with the required data and upload into your database.

Additional Note: Multiple UOMs cannot be created or added in this fashion. Only new items that do not currently exist in you data can be added.

Step 1: From the opening page of Data Maintenance select "Download Spreadsheet" then click "Next".


Step 2: Select Spreadsheet Type of "Inventory Add" from the drop down list. Then click "Browse" to choose a location and a name for the sheet.


Step 3: Select a "Save in" location. Select a "File Name" for your spreadsheet and a "Save as Type" of "Excel files (*.xls)". Then click "Save".


Step 4: With the path to your new item spreadsheet displayed in the browse field choose "Next".


Step 5: Next step offers you a choice of 2 functions:

  • Download an empty spreadsheet: This option is unrelated to a PricePro update and simply downloads an empty spreadsheet template for you to populate and add items on the fly.
  • Download new items from a PricePro update: Selecting this option activates the drop down list to choose the Manufacturer update you wish to download the new items made available from. Clicking on "Test" will display how many new items are available on that update. Clicking "Next" begins the download of the information to the spreadsheet name you provided above.


Step 6: This step is for modifying the add item sheet and populating the required columns with information related to your database.

Key columns to populate are as follows:

Column C: Manufacturer: (Required) Populate this column with the Manufacturer that matches your database. (Must be Exact)

Column D: CScheduleItem (Required) Populate this column with "Yes" if the item should be flagged as a C Schedule Item. Populate with "No" if the item is not available for the C Schedule Rebate.

Column E: Product Group: (Optional) This column must be an exact match to a Product Group existing in your database.

Column G: UOM: (Required) This column needs to be verified that these unit of measures all ready exist "Case Sensitive". If your UOM is slightly different you must change them to match exactly to your database.

Column AB: DOTCode: (Optional) Populate this column with the appropriate DOT Code that matches your database. (Must be Exact)

Column AI: ProductLine1: (Optional) If you want to subdivide the Manufacturer by product lines enter the product line name that matches your database. (Must be Exact)

Column AJ: Vendor: (Optional) Supply this column with the Vendor you want these items associated with from your database.& (Must be Exact)

All of the other columns that may be empty are optional.

All columns pre-populated with info generated from PricePro are recommended settings but may be changed by the user if desired except one column that must remain intact.

The column that must remain intact is the VendorPartNum column. If this column is changed in any way the item will not map over to receive future PricePro updates.

Three images below show a sample spreadsheet:

NOTE: If an item considered new from our PricePro is all ready in place in your database.  Duplicate values will cause the entire sheet not to upload. Those items that all ready exist in your database (same Item Code) need to be removed from the sheet by deleting the entire row.




Step 7: Once satisfied with the spreadsheet, save it and then close the sheet. Upload will not function properly if the sheet to be uploaded is still open.

If the Data Maintenance application was still open click on "Next" to get to the upload page.

  • If the original downloaded sheet name is the same name as the upload sheet desired simply clicking "Next" will begin the upload of your new part numbers.
  • If the sheet name is different then click on "Browse" and locate the sheet to be uploaded, followed by "Next" to begin the upload.

If Data Maintenance was closed then select Upload Spreadsheet from the opening page followed by "Next".

  • Select the Spreadsheet Type of "Inventory Add".
  • Click "Browse" and locate the sheet to be uploaded.
  • Click "Next" to begin the upload process.


If the sheet uploads successfully the message below will appear.


If the sheet has errors they will be displayed on the upload screen within data maintenance as to what needs correcting. If this is the case re-open the sheet and make the required fixes. Re-save the sheet, close the sheet, and attempt your upload again.

Downloading an Empty Add Item Spreadsheet:

This function is done the same way as the download of an Inventory Add Sheet from PricePro.

From the parameter screen below select "Download an empty spreadsheet" and select "Next"


The Sheet will be downloaded with only the header column in place.

Populate as much info into the columns and then upload in the same fashion as the PricePro Inventory Add option mentioned above.

Required columns that are needed to properly add an item:

ItemCode: Item number used on point of sale screens

InvDescription: Description to the new Item

Manufacturer: Who makes the product: (Must all ready exist in your database.)

CScheduleItem: Yes or No answer for C Schedule type rebate item.

TaxGroup: Selectively Taxable or Taxable

UOM: The unit of measure for the new item. (Must all ready exist in your database.)

ItemType: Inventory or Non-Inventory.

PubCost: The cost to purchase this product from your vendor.

CostAve: Same as PubCost above.

CostFOB: Same as PubCost above.

CostLastLanded: Same as PubCost above.

PurchaseFrom: Valid entries are "Both", "Vendor", "Warehouse", or "None"

ActiveForSale: Yes or No

ActiveForPurchase: Yes or No

PurchInUnitsOf: How many must be bought at a time from your vendor

' The smallest amount allowed on a store to store transfer of inventory.

Once the sheet is populated simply upload the sheet as described above.
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