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1.0 Price Levels Explained

1.1 List Price

  • This price comes directly from the Inventory record. It is the “shelf” price for the item and it displayed on the Invoice to communicate to the user when their final (Net) price is different.

1.2 Profile Price

  • This is the price that is calculated from the settings in the Price Profile record and Customer Special Pricing. see Utopia Pricing Explained

1.3 Base Price

  • This price defaults to the Profile Price, but then is editable on the screen.

1.4 Net price

  • This price is final item price determined by taking the base price (after any modifications are made on the screen) and applying any user-determined discounts.

1.5 Extended Price

  • This is the final overall amount of the Invoice Line Item, found by multiplying the Quantity Shipped by the Net Price.

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Price Levels Explained
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