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CollisionLinx Security

You may now add a unique login for each manager or technician at a customer site. There is no limit to the number of CollisionLinx logins allowed per customer. The Bill-To account and all ship-to accounts can all have their own unique list of logins, each with their own security. Consider the following corporate structure:


In the diagram above, each user at each location can be assigned a completely different user name, password and list of permissions.

CollisionLinx Login Maintenance


Customer Selection

The CollisionLinx Details link in Customer Maintenance brings you to the CollisionLinx Logins Maintenance page. The customer will be selected at the top of the page, but you can choose another customer once you are here to administer many accounts in one sitting.

Related Accounts

After you have chosen a customer account, all related accounts will appear in the "Related Accounts" list. Any Bill-To or Ship-to accounts that are related to the customer account you specify will appear in this list, so you can administer security for a multi-store customer with efficiency.


Click the name of any related account, and the logins for the account will appear in the bottom-left list. You may add new logins, using the Add Login button, delete unnecessary logins, or select one of the existing logins to make a change. Press the “Edit” (pencil) icon next to an existing login to edit its details. Press the “Delete” (red “X”) icon next to a login to delete it.

Login Details

Customer Number - this is the login value that must be supplied by a user to gain access to CollisionLinx. The customer number cannot be longer than 15 characters and is a required field. Customer Numbers are unique across all customers; that is, you cannot have two users with "john.smith" as their login, even if they are with different companies.

Password - this is the password value that must be supplied to gain access to CollisionLinx. This field cannot be left blank. You should choose passwords carefully, so they cannot be easily guessed.

Security Group - The security group will contain all permissions granted to this user when logged into CollisionLinx. You can create and maintain your CollisionLinx-related groups in the Company Security page of ComCept .Net.

Email List - A list of comma-separated email addresses can be placed in this field, though it is not required. In the future, these email addresses will be used to send security-related alerts.

Active - Place a check in this box to enable the login. You can temporarily or permanently inactivate logins with this field. Docu
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