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CollisionLinx Item Lookup


This screen is designed to allow the body shop to lookup the available quantities of items from their supplier.

Opening CollisionLinx

1 Open an internet browser. IE is the supported browser.

2 Type collisionlinx.net into the address bar.

3 Type the vendor code into the Vendor field.

4 Type the login into the Login field.

5 Type the password into the Password field.

6 Select the Login button.

Navigating to the Item Lookup screen

Select the Item Lookup tab.


Search for an Item

The Item Lookup screen has eight paramaters the user can use to filter for the desired items.

1 The user enters the appropriate search parameters into the Search Criteria section of the screen.

2 Press the Enter key or select the Search button.


The Clear button will reset the search paramters.

Item Lookup Features

  • The Item Lookup now displays the price that the customer can expect to pay.
  • The search results are limited to 3000 records
  • If regions are setup, the location dropdown will only display the locations in your region.
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