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Item Availability

Item Availability shows you where an item is available at all your stores. You can see basic details about the item, any quantity breaks, as well as on-hand, on-order and available quantities at all your stores at a glance. If you view Item Availability from a sales document, you can even see the customer’s current price for the item, as well as the last price the customer paid.


How do you access it?

Item Availability is a new option on the main menu, in the Lookup section. There is also a link under Actions on the point of sales screen, called “Search Location Inventory”. Also, as you hover the mouse over any item description, a clickable icon will appear next to the description.  THis icon is a link that will take you to the Item Availability screen.  When you launch the Item Availability function, the customer from the current document will be supplied.



How do you use it?

Item Availability is a read-only display of details about an item, including what stores have it on order and in stock.  Once you reach the screen you can inspect a different item at any time.  Distributors with many locations can filter by region.  With an additional permission you may also see the usage of the item at each store, including totals for the past three months and an average.

Days To Deliver

The Vendor maintenance screen now includes a “Days To Deliver” field.  This value is an estimate of the number of days your vendor usually takes to deliver your orders, and will be used to project the arrival date of POs on the Item Availability screen.


When Days to Deliver is specified on a Vendor, the Item Availability will project the earliest estimated due date for any POs carrying this item.



You must have the Lookup_ItemAvailability permission to use this new feature.  This permission had been added to all security groups named, “Counter” at the time the feature was released.  In order to see usage, you must have the permission named, Lookup_ItemAvailabilityUsage.
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