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GL Accounts


GL accounts page can be accessed through several different methods.  Below are two screenshots with the various paths a user can take.



Add a New GL Account

Follow the steps below to add a new GL account:

  1. Select the Add New button.
  2. Select the Account Type.
  3. Type a description into the Description field.
  4. Type a GL account number into the GL Acct Number field.
  5. Type a Bank Account number into the Bank Acct field. NOTE: Bank Account numbers are only allowed on Bank, Credit Card and Other Gl Asset GL account types.
  6. Optional Enter a note into the Note field.
  7. Select the Save button.

NOTE: The Discard button will remove all of the changes made to the screen. The Return To List button will remove any unsaved changes and return to the search screen.

Please notice there is an information icon on the Edit/Add New page. It is there to help.


Edit a GL Account

Editing a GL account is very similar to creating a new GL account.

  1. Search for the desired GL account by using the search filters and selecting the Search button.
  2. Make the desired changes.
  3. Select the Save button.

The GL account number was altered in the example below.

  Name Size
- add new.JPG 86.80 KB
- edit.JPG 89.72 KB
- legacy open.JPG 119.50 KB
- utopia open.JPG 98.76 KB
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