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Q: Why did I lose all of my hours when I copied my budget?

A: When you copy a pay period from one week to another, it will overwrite the target week's data. If the process is accidentally done backwards (the week with no hours is selected as the source week and the week that is completely filled out is designated as the target week), the target week will overwrite all of the existing data and replace it with no hours. 

Q: What pieces of data do I need to create a payroll budget?

In order to create a payroll budget four pieces of data should to be present before the budget is created.

Store Hours: Store Hours can be found in the Store Hours screen. It is designed to indicate how many hours per day of the week the store is open. This is essential to figure out the monthly sales figure.

Payroll Percentage: This data is designed to indicate how much of the monthly sales should be allocated towards payroll. This data is entered on the Payroll Budget Master screen.

Monthly Sales: This is the anticipated amount of sales for the month. Monthly Sales can be found by selecting the Sales maintenance button on the Payroll Budget Master screen. If the button does not appear, then the system is setup to automatically generate the monthly sales.

Employee Pay Rate: The employee pay rates will be multiplied by the number of hours worked and count towards the overall payroll budget.

Q: Why are there no dollars scheduled for my payroll budget?

A: All of the employees with scheduled hours are either salary or their pay rate is zero.  



Q: Why am I not receiving emails for overdue or pending approval budgets?

A: There are two possible reasons why emails are not being sent. First check the Alert Subscription screen. Verify that your user is setup to receive the appropriate email. If this is setup correctly and you are still not receiving email, please contact ComCept Support.  

Q: Why can't I edit the payroll budget week that is currently in progress or past budgets?

A. A setting in Preferences designates how many weeks in the past are allowed to be edited. If the setting is set to 0, then the current pay period and any past budgets cannot be edited. The number in this setting corresponds to the number of weeks in the past a budget can be edited.


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