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Customer Special Pricing


This screen is designed to give specific customers pricing that no other customer will receive. The customer's pricing can range from one item to every item in the system. This pricing works inconjunction with the customer's Price Profile.

Customer Special Pricing can be accessed in CDN .Net or CDN .Net Thin Client (Utopia).

CDN .Net:

Customer Special Pricing is a link in the Customer Edit screen.


CDN .Net Thin Client (Utopia):

Customer Special Pricing can be found on the Price Profile screen. Select the Customer Pricing button.


Search for a customer record

At the top of the Customer Special Pricing screen there are seven search parameters that can be used to find a customer. The more parameters used the more refined the search results. In the example below, the user is searching for a customer whose name starts with 'b&j'.


Once the correct customer is found, select the Edit link next to their record. The Customer Special Pricing Edit screen will appear.

Details of Customer Special Pricing


The detail records of Customer Special Pricing describe the price of the items that the specific customer will receive. Pricing can be preformed on product groups, manufacturers, product lines or specific items.

The detail lines are heirarchical. The most general is product groups, then manufacturers, product lines and finally items.

Example: Three detail lines exist in a Customer Special Pricing record.

  1. Product group A - fixed price of 10 dollars
  2. Manufacturer 3M - fixed price 11 dollars
  3. Item 1234 - fixed price of 12 dollars. (warning: Fixed prices should not be used as a means to setup a pricing scheme. It is a major effort to maintain. ComCept Solutions does NOT recommend it to anyone.)

For this example item 1234 is part of product group A and is made by 3M. When item 1234 is entered on a point of sale document for this customer it will be priced at 12 dollars because the item detail line is the most specific.

Note: If Promotional price is less than the customer special price that will be the price on the point of sale document. Pricing can be confusing. The entire pricing scheme for a particular part and customer combination can be found on the Price Lookup.

Add a Detail

1 Select the Add New button.


2 Select Fixed or Percentage from the Price Type dropdown. The selection will change the subsequent fields that need to be populated.

If Percentage was selected: 3 Select the + or - radio button to indicate if the price will increase or decrease.
4 Type the percentage into the % field.
5 Select the price level from the of dropdown.

If Fixed was selected: 3 Type the price into the Price field.

6 Select which detail type the detail is for from the Detail Type dropdown.
This selection changes the options for step 7. 7 Type and select the specific group for the detail.
8 Select the OK button.


The Cancel button cancels the add detail process.

Edit a Detail


All of the detail lines can be edited to reflect any change in pricing.

  1. Select the Edit link next to the detail line that needs altered.
  2. Make the desired changes.
  3. Select the OK button.

Delete A Detail

Deleting a detail will remove the detail from the Customer Special Price and will no longer be referenced when a customer is billed.

  1. Select the item detail that needs to be deleted. The item should be highlighted. If the edit screen is displayed, select the
  2. Select the Delete button.
  3. Select the OK button on the message.


The Cancel button on the message will stop the detetion process.
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