Verify Count

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Verify Count

The Verify Count feature allows users to check quantities on shipping documents.  Before you ship a Work Order, or before you put away the goods on a PO receipt, you can use a barcode scanner to count the inventory and verify that the shipment contains what you expected.

Note: This feature is a tool, and will assist you in verifying counts on documents, but it will not prevent you from shipping or receiving incorrect quantities.  It is intended for users who are trying to catch mistakes in picking or incoming goods.

Most documents in ComCept .Net will allow you to verify quantities, including:

You can only verify counts on saved documents, because the Verify Count feature has to read the document from the server and make a copy.

From the Actions menu, select "Verify Count".


The following page will appear:


You will see a list of items and their quantities that appear on your document, along with counted quantities and a status for each item.  The document quantities are a snapshot of how that document looked when you started your "Verify Count" process, and will not change unless you us the "Reset" function.

Persistent Sessions

All your activity is saved immediately while you verify counts on a document.  If you cannot complete a document count in one session, you can close the window and come back to it whenever needed.


You can scan the barcodes on items, using a standard USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner.  All barcode scans will be placed in a list at the right-side of the page, and verified in the background.  Users should have no difficulty scanning at any speed, as the capture and resolution of barcodes is quite fast.


When barcodes are recognized, they will automatically be removed from the scan list and update the item list with new counted quantities.  If a barcode is not recognized, it will remain in the scan list as an “error”.


The error values will stay on the page where you can examine them and troubleshoot why they do not match.  You can clear them at any time by pressing the “Clear Errors” link.


Each line on the Verify Count page has a status, indicating how your counted quantities relate to the original document quantities.  The statuses are:

Under – This item has fewer units counted than on the original document.  Initially all items are under-counted, because no counts have been captured yet.  When you are finished counting items on your document, items with this status should be considered insufficiently picked/received.

Match – The count for these items match the original document quantities exactly.

Over – These items have been counted more than the original document requires.  Either a unit was counted twice or your shipment contains too many units.

Unexpected – This status appears on any item that was scanned, but didn’t appear on the original document at all.  Items in this status have a line number of 0, because they did not appear on the original document.  There are several reasons this could happen:

Manual Count

If an item doesn’t have a barcode, or the barcode is damaged, you can still count the item.

There is an Item selector at the top of the page.  Simply type in the item code or name of the item, and press Count.


You can also find the item in the list and changes counted quantity manually, by simply typing in another quantity.  This is also useful for correcting errors, such as when you accidentally scan an item twice.



Users will often scan products without watching the computer screen, so audio alerts were added for situations that require attention.  If you count an item and its quantity exceeds the original document quantity, you will receive an audible alert.  If you scan a barcode that cannot be identified in your inventory data, a more serious alert will sound.  You can suppress these sounds by clearing the “Play Sounds” checkbox.


If for any reason you need to completely restart the count process, or if you need to pick up changes that have occurred on the original document since you captured the Verify Count data, press “Reset”.  This will drop the copy of the document and all your counts, and capture items and quantities as they appear now.


When you are done counting items, check the box labeled, “ Show Only Unmatched Items”.  This will hide all matched lines and show you the items where your count did not match the original document.