Time Clock - Admin screen

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Time Clock Admin

Access Time Clock Admin from the Home Screen of your CDN Application.

The following activities can be performed from this screen.




Review Current Time Entries

This section of the application is used to make any required time entry adjustments, add additional entries such as vacation, holiday, sick pay, etc.  This is also used to run the overtime calculations based on the settings created above.  The time clock report is also available in this interface.

Upon first accessing this portion of Time Clock Admin the filters will default to the current pay period.  Filters can be changed to drill down to an individual employee, individual pay code, and employee default location.  

General work flow of this screen:




  Any changes required are done by clicking on “Adjust” to the left of any time card entry.

3 types of adjustments are available:





  Note:  Running the report from the link provided after any adjustment will now display the adjusted times and new entries along with an explanation of any edits showing original value and adjusted value.

  Overtime can be calculated at any point in time.  Overtime is now just a view of the time clock entries and does not adjust any time clock entries. 


Time Clock Report with adjustment and Overtime

  The print button at the bottom right of the screen has two part: format select and print action.