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Customer Technicians:  This additional functionality allows for tracking of purchases for customers that request a breakdown per technician as well as by department or location.  NOTE: this does not take the place of “ship to” separation on statements.

Customer Technicians are available to select on all point of sale screens including the CollisionLinx order entry screen.  Simply select the technician for the transaction and let the reporting tools take over.  Reporting on or grouping by technician is currently available on two Advanced Reports and will be made available on other customer type reports, including CollisionLinx Reports, in the near future.

In order to utilize this feature there are four new security tags available.  Add these tags to the security groups that should access and use the functionality.

Technician_Assign:  This permission allows the selection of a Customer Technician on the point of sale screen.  Add this tag to all user security groups that need this permission.  This tag also needs to be included in the CollisionLinx user’s security profile.

The 3 tags listed below are for maintaining the Customer Technician tables within the Customer Edit screens.  Make these available only to those users that have access the Edit Customer screen.  Technician_View :  Allows for the viewing of the current list of technicians for a customer. Technician_Edit:  Allows for editing the current list of technicians.     Technician_Add:  This permission is needed for adding and creating the list of customer technicians.

Once the security tags are put in place the Customer technician maintenance area can be accessed and maintained from the “Edit Customer” area of CDN. The interface allows you to add the technician’s name.  A number is required as well.  Location (Ship to) is another option to fill in but is not required.  If a technician entry is no longer valid simply access that technician and remove the check box for “Is Active”.  The table can also be filtered to only show active technicians.

Once the technician table is built the point of sale screens will automatically allow selection of those technicians after the “Bill To:” customer has been selected.  Those clients of yours utilizing CollisionLinx will also have this selection available as they place orders.  The selected technician will flow through all documents automatically in the case of CollisionLinx Order to Work Order to Shipment to Invoice as well as any other combination of order flow.

Two reports are currently available for grouping or tracking by Customer Technician.

Transaction Detail Report:  This report allows the selection of a single technician within the report parameters. Customer Item Usage (Customizable):  This report allows a sub group option by technician.  This allows the report to be broke down by ship to then technician or first by technician then by ship to.