Mobile Suite - Signatures Help Documentation

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Mobile Suite - Signatures


The Signatures portion of the Mobile Suite is designed to collect signatures and the signee names on delivered invoices and shipments. These signatures will be sent back to the shop and any subsequent printout of the document will have the customers signature on it.

Add a New Document

The Signatures application consists of four screens: Signature List, Signature Add, Signature CollectSignature Summary.


1  From the main menu, select the Signatures button to enter into the Signatures application and access the Signature List screen.


2 You are now on the Signature List screen. Any collected signatures will be listed on this screen, sorted by collection date. In this screen you shall be able to determine:


note: insert img of the signature list screen here w/ add button highlight

Select the Add button.


3 Now, you are on the Signature Add screen. Its time for the delivery driver to use his device and scan the invoice or shipment barcode.  This documentation assumes that your device has a built-in scanner, imager, or a bluetooth scanner. If your device lacks scanning hardware, or the scanning hardware is not working, you can manually input the needed information. 


the delivery driver can scan the barcode of the invoice. Skip to step 7 to continue if scanning is the method used to enter documents.

 ---note: insert img of an invoice w/ barcode highlighted

4 Type the document number into the Number field.

5 Type the total dollar amount of the document into the Amount field. NOTE: it is very important that the document number and amount are correct. If they are off by even a penny the signature sending process will display an error.

6 Select the Add button.  


Repeat the document adding process until all of the documents, to be signed by the same person, are entered.

7 Select the > button or Next from the Actions menu.

Gathering the Signature

This is the point where the customer signs for the deliver.

1 OPTIONAL Select the Terms and Conditions link to display the terms that the customer is agreeing to. Select the ok link on the message.

2 The customer signs the mobile device in the gray square.

3 OPTIONAL If the customer is unhappy with their signature they can select the Clear button and redo it.   

4 Select the > button or Next from the Actions menu.


5 Type the customers name into the Signee's Name field.

6 Select the Save button or select Save from the Actions menu.


Sending Signatures

The Delivery driver can send the signature right after each stop or all at once at the end of the day. It is recommended that the driver attempt to send the signature as soon as possible.

Select Send Signatures from the Actions menu.

Signatures follow a color code system to display their current status.