Credit Card Processing in ComCept.Net

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Accepting Credit Cards at Point of Sale

ComCept .Net point-of-sale allows you to accept credit card payments on invoices. When you save an invoice with cash terms, the Invoice Payments window appears (you can also open this window by pressing the Make Payment button).


Add a payment of type, “Credit Card”. Once you see all the credit card details, you can swipe a credit card through your USB card reader. The details from the magnetic stripe on the card will automatically be placed in the correct fields on the screen. Press the Save button to apply the payment.


You receive money from customers by credit card in a merchant account: a bank account set up to receive electronic payments from payment cards. Your bank participates in one or many gateways that move payment card funds to and from accounts. Authorize.Net is one of the oldest and largest gateways. As long as the bank supplying your merchant account can receive transactions on the Authorize.Net network, you can accept payments by credit card.

Contact your bank to get the Authorize.Net login and password associated with your merchant account. Visit the Preferences page in ComCept .Net, and navigate to the Credit Card tab.


Supply the Login and Password values in the fields provided. Press Save, and your changes will be stored. Now close all running instances of ComCept .Net, and the next time you log in, credit card processing will be enabled at point-of-sale. That's it!