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Mobile Suite - Item Lookup


This part of the Mobile Suite allows the user to:

  • Check the current on hands, On Order and Committed quantities
  • Check the price the specified customer will pay
  • Display any Quantity Break Pricing applicable to the item

How to Use the Item Lookup

  1. Type the beginning part of the customer name and select the desired customer from the Bill To smart dropdown.
  2. OPTIONAL Select the desired ship to from the Ship To dropdown.
  3. OPTIONAL Select a location from the Location dropdown. The customer default location will autopopulate the Location dropdown. This option will only affect which location's on hands, on order and committed quantities will be displayed.
  4. Type the beginning part of the item and select the desired item from the Item smart dropdown.
  5. OPTIONAL Type the desired quantity into the Quantity field. This field will adjust the price if it falls into a new quantity break price based on the new quantity.


Select the Done or Cancel button once the user is done looking up items.
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